Mild Wild offers a curated selection of impeccably constructed clothing for the contemporary woman. The aesthetic is a coherent blend of structured silhouettes, clean lines, quality of fabrics and subtle details. It represents a woman, who believes fashion is a form of identity, self understanding and power. These clothes define a feminine version of a badass leader.


Mild Wild's founder, Iditri Goel, envisioned a philosophy of life, a distinctive and evolving aesthetic, translated into these clothes. Her vision, is to create styles which are empowering and chic for the neoteric woman today.

On completing her graduation from Miranda House in India, interested in fashion and luxury, she moved to Milan to pursue her masters from Istituto Marangoni. After her return she worked with one of the leading design houses in India and then decided to pursue her desire of creating a new take on modern daywear styles focussing on clothing that can last.